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My Work

I've worked on great and exciting projects through the last years. I offer variety of services that help people build their future ideas. Join the process of making your vision come alive and let's get creative together.


CG Animated Short Film ”Till This Day” is about a man with a haunted past visits a town where an accident took place that claimed his brother, he returns to face his past, but not all is what it seems.

"Shadow Plays" is a First-Person Indie Horror Demo Game which places the players into the shoes of an arriving member of the Priory called Ordo Mortuus Vita. The Priory promises to heal wounds of the mind, and to revitalize the pains of the body. A specialized researcher in esoteric sciences has taken residency with full support from the Priory. His research hopes to further deepen the knowledge at what may lie beyond after death. His hopes are to make contact with the beyond, and see what secrets it is willing to reveal. Though not everything is as it seems, an investigation was prompted after an increase of missing people were being reported around the area, and coincidently a number of new faces have appeared at The Priory.

Shadow Plays - Game Cover.jpg

Real - Time & Offline Automotive rendering portfolio. Stills, Animations and Configurators.

Creating high quality photorealistic imagery or animation product rendering services for advertisement.


From Graphic Design to all the way to Motion Design, Brand Identity, Logos and Product Design.

Offering breathtaking professional photography sessions for every aspect of life.


Get your hands on the Height Map Pack exclusively made for 3D Artists who want ready - to - go landscapes.  - 20 Seamless Landscape Height Maps & 15 Realistic Terrain Maps + Textures. Now available on Gumroad.

Personal computer generated images and animations I've worked on in my spare time.


Action-adventure side-scroller in which the player faces threatening enemies and solves challenging physics-based puzzles by smart usage of mystical Celtic magic and momentum-based mechanics. The game is inspired by Norse mythology and follows the adventures of the demigod Angus, who must go through dangerous obstacles and adventures in order to win the hand of his beloved goddess Kaer.

Selected Clients

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